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“Every object occupies space. We do not know and do not possess the object, we only think something about it. We endow it with form and wait. We wait until our desire becomes alive and gets impregnated with content. There are many forms and few contents. It is an eternal question what content the form created by us can convey, whether there will be content corresponding to the respective form. And also, what we do with forms that remain without content. Do we wait further, do we change something perhaps or do we come up with a totally new form? Every object occupies space.”

"In case you are here, you will know, I have been waiting for you."

steel, bronze, paint, burnt sand 193 cm x 76 cm x 29 cm 2017


Waiting for III.

steel, fired clay, 86 x 32 x 25 cm,  2017

Waiting II.

steel, wood, 180 x 200 x 60 cm,  2017

Waiting I.

wood, fired clay 460 cm x 150 cm x 120 cm 2017

Graveyard for fishes

unfired clay, 150 cm x 76 cm x 60 cm

Transylvania/Romania, Olasztelek, Naptelep Workshop 2015

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