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It often crosses my mind that plants can feel everything that goes on around them in the world; moreover, they possess some sort of silent consciousness. Life is so natural to them that they do not feel the need for a more active manifestation – they simply exist.

The flora seems to spend every minute of its existence in a constant self-forgetfulness, contemplation. Perhaps that’s why it exudes serenity, maybe that’s why it is so mysterious.

At the same time, a particular tension can also be experienced around it. This tension unfolds from the fact that the formal and functional richness, splendour and variability characterizing the flora are paired with upmost calmness, restrained aloofness and unspokenness.

So much tension arises from this opposition that it can easily lead us to a sense of grandeur.

It has been a long known fact that plants respond to environmental changes. Imagine that they not only react but also reflect. Not with words, i.e. verbally, but by changing their own physical appearance, thereby forming a message for the person who is able to perceive it.

Perhaps this message is nothing else but a message of scarcity. This scarcity is something familiar. Something that comes from within us; it is a natural part of us. We don’t have to perceive it with fear resulting from alienation. It is a mental void where we cannot permanently place anything. A space that stays empty, a hiatus that doesn’t hurt.

It is, of course, our job to interpret the message of scarcity. I'm just collecting one or two rare plant specimens.

Videó lejátszása

“Walk” full HD video 4:13 Iran / Chabahar

The protagonist of my work “Walk” is  a “rare plant”. A small sphere covered in hands pointing

in all different directions. I’m steering this hand-plant with a stick in an astonishingly diverse Iranian landscape. Then, finally, I wash off the accumulated soil and sand in the sea, thus almost restoring it to its original condition.

"signpost", aluminium object, glass box, 

30 x 30 x 30 cm, 2020


“Endless root" - print, aluminium object, glass box, 40 x 40 x 90 cm, 2020


aluminium, glass, aluminium, steel, 35 x 35 x180 cm, 2020

overblossomed signpost-plant

wood, aluminium,  2019, 30 x 30 x160 cm