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Gergely Mészáros DLA (doctor of liberal arts) – sculptor

sculptor, assistant lecturer, leader of bronze workshop 

university pécs (

born 1980 in Pécs, Hungary



2011 DLA (Doctor of Liberal Arts)

2006 – 2009 University of Pécs DLA art program  

(program leader: prof. Sándor Rétfalvi)

2001 – 2006 University of Pécs Faculty of Art sculptor qualifiation 

(prof. Sándor Rétfalvi)

1999 – 2001 János Kodolány trade school, economical informatics

1994 – 1999 secondary school of the Cisztercian Order Pécs


eleváció 2017

VAG 2011

“every object occupies space. We do not know and do not possess the object, we only think something about it. We endow it with form and wait. We wait until our desire becomes alive and gets impregnated with content. There are many forms and few contents. It is an eternal question what content the form created by us can convey, whether there will be content corresponding to the respective form. And also, what we do with forms that remain without content. Do we wait further, do we change something perhaps or do we come up with a totally new form? Every object occupies space.”

I am interested in stories and materials. I create objects which are narrative due to their material and situation, which reflect on the basic questions of human existence. Through them I seek man’s possible relations with sacrality and spirituality. In the course of creating my artworks I focus on the possibilities of symbolic expression inherent in materiality, the conjunctions of form capable of creating a spiritual force field. I investigate the boundaries of variability characteristically using only a few basic elements, and explore the system of relations among the elements.

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